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Position Title:Laboratory Technician
Posting Number:1196
Department:School of Science
Type of Position:Full Time
Duration of Position:12 Month
Work Schedule:M-F 8:30AM-5:00PM
Number of Hours Per Week:37.5
Number of Position Openings:1
Brief Summary:

The laboratory technician works closely with the laboratory manager and department chairs to support laboratory based teaching activities in the school. Support includes the preparation of science experiments in courses including but not limited to General Chemistry, General Biology, and Organic Chemistry; management of associated labs and preparatory spaces; supervision and training of student workers; communicating with full and part-time faculty; management of inventory and chemical waste; and maintenance of laboratory equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Submit orders for the purchase of supplies based on evaluation of course loads. The laboratory technician consolidates instructors’ laboratory requests, finds and evaluates supply sources, and establishes timely schedules for deliveries. -Ensure that laboratories are running effectively and efficiently by having necessary supplies available) and overseeing student laboratory workers. This includes regularly supplying the General Chemistry, General Biology, and Organic Chemistry teaching laboratories and other courses as time allows. The laboratory technician is responsible for the preparation of solvents, solutions and reagents as well as instructing the student workers to prepare solutions, solvents and clean glassware. She/he is responsible for set up and breakdown of laboratory experiments, monitoring and restocking as necessary, as well as ensuring laboratory student workers follow appropriate safety protocols and maintain clean laboratory facilities. The laboratory technician also orientates new instructors to laboratory exercises. -Perform routine maintenance on some laboratory equipment. -Monitor the animal room and keep environmental logs in compliance with New York State Department of Health regulations. -Manage stockroom facilities. She/he must maintain supplies for laboratory courses and replenish stocks of solvents, reagents, and solutions. Ensure that chemicals are stored in the correct manner according to safety codes, regulations, and best practices. -Oversee and arrange any laboratory building repairs and maintenance. -Assist the laboratory manager in the collection and removal of hazardous waste. -Oversee students performing make-up experiments as necessary.


-Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology or related science and at least three years of post-graduation laboratory experience OR master’s degree in chemistry, biology or related science and at least one year of post-graduation laboratory experience. -Strong basic laboratory skills including solution preparation, microbiological techniques, and laboratory safety. -Good communication and interpersonal skills. -Strong organizational skills.

Required Applicant Documents:Resume, Cover Letter, References
Position Open Date:11/07/2017

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