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Position TitleDepartmentClassificationPosting #Open Date
Assistant Dean Academic Affairs Faculty 1228 01/17/2018
Assistant/Associate Professor of Accounting Accounting Faculty 1216 12/18/2017
Assistant/Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior/ Management School of Management Faculty 1218 12/18/2017
Assistant Professor of Digital Media Art & Digital Media Faculty 1213 12/06/2017
Assistant Professor of Psychology Psychology Faculty 1211 12/06/2017
Assistant/Associate Professor of Economics Economics/Finance Faculty 1204 11/27/2017
Assistant Professor, Special Education Education Faculty 1187 10/17/2017
Assistant Professor of Literacy Specialist Education Faculty 1186 10/13/2017
Assistant/Associate Professor of International Business School of Management Faculty 902 10/09/2017
Assistant Professor of African or African Diaspora History History Faculty 1184 10/03/2017
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mathematics Faculty 1180 09/27/2017
Principal Faculty, Physician Assistant Program School of Science Faculty 1179 09/22/2017
Director, Center for Sports Communication and Assistant/Associate Professor of Communication School of Communication & the Arts Faculty 1171 09/21/2017
Assistant Professor of Communication, Integrated Marketing Communication School of Communication & the Arts Faculty 1172 09/19/2017
Assistant Professor of English English Faculty 1167 09/08/2017
Assistant/Associate Professor, Computing Technology Computing Technology Faculty 1164 08/30/2017
Full-Time Faculty, Computing Technology Computing Technology Faculty 1165 08/30/2017
Assistant/Associate Professor of Marketing School of Management Faculty 1064 08/23/2017
Teaching Affiliate in Fashion Merchandising Fashion Program Faculty 1093 05/22/2017
Career Development Specialist/Professional Lecturer School of Liberal Arts Faculty 1069 03/23/2017