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Position Title:Resident Director
Posting Number:1309
Department:Housing & Residential Life
Type of Position:Full Time
Duration of Position:11 Month
Work Schedule:M-F 10:00AM 5:00PM, plus duty rotation
Number of Hours Per Week:37.5
Number of Position Openings:1
Brief Summary:

The Office of Housing and Residential Life at Marist College invites applications for a Resident Director. S/he is responsible for the daily administration and operation of an undergraduate residence hall housing approximately 150 students. This is an 11 month, full-time, live-in position that requires participation in an after-hours on-call duty rotation.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide direct support for resident needs and serve as the primary administrator for all aspects of residential life.
  • Understand resident and parent questions and concerns. Meet with resident and parents as appropriate through in-person meetings & phone calls to address these items, provide follow-up information, develop solutions, and resolve. Refer resident to appropriate campus resources, as needed.
  • Mediate resident and roommate conflicts.
  • Communicate RADAR & duty updates to supervisors.
  • Prepare for & execute student conduct meetings, administration, & investigations. This includes management and documentation of violations to college policy & other incidents. Works with Student Conduct Office.
  • Oversee & assist the Residence Hall Council.
  • Conduct wellness checks on residents. 
  • Conduct non-maintenance walkthroughs of area, including monitoring and maintaining “Broom Clean Standards” of area.
  • Conduct Student Life Team Meetings.
  • Manage the core business of the department through effective budgeting, reporting, and operational execution.
  • Direct, assist, & execute all aspects of area Openings / Closings.
  • Analyze & report area information such as occupancy data and provide quarterly update & statistics. 
  • Conduct room inspections / health & safety inspections.  
  • Coordinate & authorize build-up breakdowns / room switches 
  • Attend & participate in RD Training, RD Mentor / Mentee meetings, AD/RD 1-on-1 meetings, and professional staff meetings
  • Develop & execute RD plan of action & assessment  
  • Review & respond to all email communications   
  • Assist with resident lock-outs 
  • Assist with central office operations as needed 
  • Administer & reconcile area & project budgets, and authorize & prepare petty cash disbursement / cash advances / purchase orders
  • Train and supervise a Resident Assistant (student) staff to meet the needs of residents and the department. 
  • Administer & participate in RA Training across all areas and in specific area, and continue to develop & motivate RA’s through ongoing training & coaching
  • Conduct & participate in RD/RA 1-on-1 meetings, RA staff meetings & area meetings
  • Evaluate RA job performances & develop Plans of Action
  • Authorize, plan, prepare, & support the area’s programming efforts and assist in RA community development planning
  • Monitor and approve the RA duty schedule & in-service requirements  
  • Serve as the primary representative for the College in all matters during non-business hours through an on-call duty rotation.  
  • Assess & respond to campus wide emergencies, violations of college policy, wellness checks, physical and mental health incidents, resident concerns, parent phone calls, lock outs, housekeeping, and maintenance issues.
  • Manage the transition of information and resources from preexisting concerns to the next RD on duty 
  • Supervise & direct the RA’s on duty in each area of campus.
  • Act as a representative for Marist College during non-business hours/holidays/etc.
  • Provide a timely response by remaining on campus at all times while on duty
  • Plan and execute Special Projects / Summer Projects / Micro Projects as directed by departmental needs.   
  • Oversight of In-service, January Training, RA Appreciation including the following:
–    In-service: Provide complimentary training opportunities for Resident Assistants throughout academic year
–    January Training: Plan and implement January training for Mid-Year hires and returning RA
–    RA Appreciation: Provide variety of gifts and activities to show appreciation for RA work and dedication to the position
–    End of Year banquet: Coordinate and execute end of the year banquet
Organize all aspects of facilities management & operations of an area.
  • Conduct maintenance and housekeeping walkthroughs, submit requests, & collect follow-up information
  • Compile furniture requests & manage inventory  
  • Authorize & supervise building requests, reservations, tours, etc.
  • Prepare and assist with campus events and provide support for the needs of other departments.   
  • Participate & assist in campus events (i.e. Family Weekend, Community Service Day, Fox Fest/River Fest, Room Selection, RA Selection, Welcome Week, Freshman Orientation, Open House, Senior Year Experience/ Senior Week, Residence Hall Trick or Treat, Sheahan Thanksgiving, Hunger Month, Giving Tree, Mid-Hudson RA Conference, NRHH Inductions, and more) 
  • Advise & support student led groups 
  • Chaperone college sponsored trips 
  • Administer EBI survey & assess results and administer U.S. Census surveys for Institutional Research
  • Assist departments with various items: Student Financial Services / Health Services compliance, student concerns from Special Services, Office of Safety & Security’s Lock It or Lose It program, and Office of Safety & Security investigations/ searches/seizures
  • Conduct NY State mandated fire safety inspections  
  • Participate and assist with other duties as needed. 
  • Assess & respond to Resident/Student emergencies 
  • Assist with College’s response to internal / external threats and natural disasters
  • Assist with area’s fire alarms / planned drills 
  • Assess & respond to unforeseen events


Bachelor's Degree required. One or three years experience in college housing or an allied support area on a residential campus preferred.  Valid driver license with no serious convictions required.

Required Applicant Documents:Resume, Cover Letter, References
Position Open Date:07/02/2018

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